Plumping Cream

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New exfoliating application
for the body 

Delightful Body Exfoliating Mist

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Passion Flower

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60 minutes to Nirvana.

A delightful integrative body massage to achieve ultimate spiritual and physical relaxation. The products feature all the active and sensorial benefits of exotic flowers. The massage is intensely liberating.

Science of Flowers

All about our scientific expertise.

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The power of flowers to take care of your body 

3 Flowers Nourishing Cream

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Radiance Moisturizing Beauty Treatment  1H

1001 Flowers

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A walk in an exotic garden for a skin drenched in moisture

The face is deliciously massaged with a fondant honey with Thousand Flowers Monoï, then the skin is infused with moisture thanks to an ultra-gentle rich mask.


Find out all about our unprecendented
collection of floral ingredients. 

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